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Homemade Sabudana Khichdi - Food Blogger in Mumbai- Alwayzz Hungryyy

Homemade Sabudana Khichdi


Sabudana khichdi is an Indian dish made from soaked sabudana. It is typically prepared in parts of Western India such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, etc. This is usually a breakfast item many people love. It is also very easy to prepare. The preparation time also is around 20-30 minutes. It is also considered as a fasting food and can be consumed during the festival of Navaratri. I am going to reveal my recipe for making delicious Sabudana khichdi. Do check it out and let me know after trying it how it goes on.

Here is the simple recipe of Sabudana Khichdi 


When you make the sabudana khichdi, you will have to adjust the soaking time as per the type of tapioca pearls. For some pearls 2 to 3 hours is fine. For some, you don’t even need to soak them in water. Just cover the pearls with water for some time and you are done. So do soak the sabudana pearls accordingly. Most of the Maharashtrian people soak them overnight and also khichdi contains carbohydrates and the protein part coming from peanuts.


  • Sabudana or Tapioca Pearls (As per person requirement)
  • Potatoes 
  • Peanut powder 
  • Chilies (optional)
  • Cumin seeds 
  • Salt to taste. 


  •  Overnight you have to first soak the sabudana wash it with running water(2-3 times)properly to make it soften. 
  •  After its softened, while making it you can use either boiled potatoes or you can cook potatoes till it becomes light brown. Don't overcook it.
  • Take some amount of Peanuts and make peanut powder while mixing it in the grinder(Make as per the requirement). The important thing is you should roast the peanuts before. 
  • The actual making process starts now. Take a kadhai or pan and add ghee in it. 
  •  Add 1 teaspoon cumin seeds. Let them crackle and get browned. Then add 1 chopped green chili.
  • Fry for a few seconds on medium-low flame. Now add the chopped potatoes in it. Mix and saute for a minute on medium-low flame.
  • Now add the sabudana and the peanut powder mixture.  Mix very well. Saute the sabudana pearls on a low flame stirring continuously for approx 4 to 6 minutes.
  • Do not overcook as the sabudana can become lumpy and dense. Then add 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Add salt to taste. Mix it well.
  • You can use coriander which is optional. Mix it well.
  • Tasty Sabudana khichdi is ready to serve hot. Enjoy! 


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