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Significance of Drinking Water in Losing Weight

Significance of Drinking Water in Losing Weight


Do you know drinking water can boost metabolism by 24-30 percent over 1-1.5 hours? Is it possible to lose weight and burn calories just by drinking water? 

Actually YES

Science suggests that water helps with weight loss in a variety of ways. Researchers have proven that drinking more water helps a person lose weight which has shown some positive correlation between increased water consumption and weight loss. It is 100% calorie-free, helping to burn more calories and may even suppress the appetite if consumed before meals. Consumption of water boosts metabolism and makes exercise more accessible and more efficient. Who would not like to stay healthy and fit?

So here are five excellent reasons for all of you that prove drinking water results in weight loss. 

Increases the resting energy expenditure:

Drinking water results in detoxification in the body. More the water is consumed, the smooth is the body function enhanced within the resting energy expenditure. After having a glass of water, the resting energy expenditure shoots up by 24-30 percent within 10 minutes, which retains for around 60 minutes.

 • Effacing toxins from the body:

When the body is dehydrated, it helps the kidneys filter toxins by retaining the fluid. Dehydration (the loss or removal of water) can also cause constipation. Water helps in the soft movement of stool. 

Fact Check: 500 ml of water with each meal causes 2 kg more weight loss than no water and increases the metabolic rate by 30 kcal due to heat transfer from cells to water. 

Restricts overeating: According to studies, consuming a glass of water half an hour before every meal restricts overeating. It is due to the reduction in the number of calories consumed after drinking water.

 • Improves workout: Do you know that drinking enough amount of water improves workout performance? Heart and Lung get ramped up during the training. Drinking water enables the efficient work of these organs. Also, it helps muscles, connective tissues, and body joints to move correctly. 

Fact Check: According to the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) in the United States, the following are the water intake recommendations:

  • 2,700 mL/day for adult women 3,700 mL/day for adult men

 • It's a zero-calorie drink: As soon as you decide to get healthier, the first thing you should do is swap the sweet beverages with plain water. Since water is a zero-calorie hydrating drink, it will take care of the overall calorie intake compared to other sugar-laden drinks. 

BOTTOM LINE: By now, you all have become aware that more water intake is one of the simple ways to stay healthy, so there's no way for you to ignore your water intake. However, including hydrating fruits and vegetables would make you avoid drinking in excess, which could induce toxicity.


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