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The importance of Immunity boosting using Ayurvedic Kadha - Food Blogger in Mumbai- Alwayzz Hungryyy

The importance of Immunity boosting using Ayurvedic Kadha


Kadha is recently being trended virally very much in this Covid-19 Pandemic. Many are suggesting it have during these days. Not only during a pandemic, but you can also have Kadha in your healthy life who has low immunity. But wait, What is Kadha? Why is that important in daily life basis?

Kadha made by the different herbs, and spices like tulsi(basil), Cinnamon seeds, Kalimirch, Dry ginger, and some Raisins are used as an herbal concoction to improve and strengthen the immunity. To reduce infections, to stay healthy, one must add in their diet. You all can have it to kick of flavor and the more durable immunity. It is widely researched by many that herbal drinks can be extremely beneficial in allergy season. It has been seen if any medical advancements are failed many people go for the Ayurveda option in terms of immunity. Kadha is considered as one of the plethoras to heal various conditions. 

The importance of working on your body's immunity is on an all-time high. Ingredients like turmeric, cinnamon are said to be beneficial for strengthening the immune system. The immune system today is considered to be an important asset and natural defense of a human body. Having a strong immunity can create a barrier to invade infections into our bodies. 


Ayurvedic medicine has been an alternative to the medical amendments for almost 500 years. Medicines like Kadha is today known as a priority treatment to increase immunity. You can have kadha 2 times a day as a medicine. The results have been extremely well after having this. Many people right from doctors, dieticians, and food experts encourage people to have these drinks for better health. 


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