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Sizzler on Dosa Pan - Food Blogger in Mumbai- Alwayzz Hungryyy

Sizzler on Dosa Pan


The origin of the sizzler probably goes back to the teppanyaki-sizzled dishes of Japan. It has now become very popular in India. We get sizzler in Veg as well as Non-veg.  There are various restaurants who are providing this dish.  

But, We have a Mumbai based girl who has tried Sizzler in Dosa Pan at home and has shared her beautiful recipe with us. Divyashree Prabhu, who is Pharmaceutical Researcher and also a home chef who loves to cook different items
Sizzler on Dosa Pan

Exotic vegetables: 

  • Add two tablespoon oil in a pan.
  • Toss finely chopped garlic and sliced ginger
  • Add previously blanched mushroom, baby corn, carrots, and beans to it. ( Do not cook, let it be crunch enough)
  • Add chopped capsicum to it. Saute with some salt and pepper.
  • Later add one tablespoon each vinegar and soya sauce toss on high flame. 
  • Exotic stir fry is ready.

Mashed potato in creamy cheese white sauce:

  • Take one teaspoon butter in a saucepan.
  • Add finely chopped garlic to it. 
  • Toss it until the garlic is translucent, add 2tablespoon water and 1cup of milk to it.
  • To this add oregano and basil ( Red chili flakes is optional)
  • Bring to boil and added grated cheese to it and whisk well. Lastly, add mashed potatoes to get this sauce to the required consistency. Whisk well add salt as per taste. (If the sauce thickens add milk to get desired consistency)
  • The white creamy sauce is ready.

 Barbeque sauce:

  • Add very little oil in the saucepan, toss finely chopped garlic and onion until translucent. 

  • To this add tomato sauce, vinegar, brown sugar (if not available add jaggery powder to this), chili powder, pepper powder, and dried basil. 
  • Mix well add water to make a light consistency. Add salt if needed. Get it to a boil and the sauce is ready.

 French fries:

  • Chop potatoes as required, either wedges /fries.
  • Add them in boiling water for 2-3mins. Immediately transfer this to ice-cold.
  • Drain the water from potatoes and dust the potato with cornflour and salt.
  • Refrigerator for 1/2hr
  • Fry it in oil until golden.
  •  Creamy Ginger -coconut rice

  •  For this, we need one 1/2cup of coconut milk along with 1/2 cup of water and one cup of basmati rice.
  • Add all this to a Kadai,  to this add chopped ginger (plenty) and 5-6 tulsi leaves. Put on the lid. Cook for 10-15mins and rice is ready.
Tandoori Momos

     For the momos: 

  • Ginger-2inches grated, 1/2 cup grated capsicum, and 1 cup of cabbage. To this, add salt and pepper and mix well.
  • Knead a soft dough of all-purpose flour. Allow it to rest for 5-10mins.
  • Make small rounds, fill them with the filling of cabbage-capsicum filling prepared in the earlier step.
  • Shape it as per preferred shape.
  • Fry these momo’s in oil and keep aside.

Tandoori marinate: 

  • Chickpea flour 2 tablespoons, 1 tablespoon each of chat masala, Kasuri methi, black salt, chili powder, 1/2 tablespoons each of garam masala and turmeric, add salt as per taste. To this, add 5 tablespoons of curd and 2 tablespoons of hot mustard oil. Whisk well. 
  • Marinate the momos in the above mix and leave aside for 10mins.
  • Shallow Fry it with very little oil on a nonstick pan. 
  • The momos can also be put on a griller to be grilled.
  • (Optional: After marinating them place heated activated charcoal with one tablespoon of Ghee  in a small bowl and then lid the container and leave aside for 10-15mins )
  • Fry until golden brown

 Assembling of the sizzler:

  • Heat dosa pan on a high flame (do not grease).
  • Place cabbage/ lettuce leaf on the pan.
  • Place each of the items one by one and lastly, make the flame high and add all the sauces. The pan heat starts assembling each item one by one.
  • In the end, scoop rice and put it on the pan. Increase the flame to high and put butter from sides if the pan as soon as butter falls on the pan. It will sizzle. Pour sauce and sizzler is ready.



A very detailed and easy recipe to follow , surely gonna try at home 😊



My amazing chef😘😘


Sahil Pednekar

Wow , looks delicious and a simple recipe ,will definitely give it a try sometime πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Sahil Pednekar


Amazing recipe . Kudos to the innovation 😊


Gajanan Kamath

Very well sequenced and ingredients are available so will definetly try

Gajanan Kamath

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