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Madhur Sugar


Madhur sugar is today's one of the leading Indian sugar brands which gives you the best quality of sugar(Sulphur free). I have personally tried it and I was amazed to see the quality of the product. It was just lovely!. Some beautiful fact regarding Madhur sugar is within a span of the last 5 years it has emerged a lot comparing to other brands in India. What I also loved was the packaging of the product. It was well hygenic. 

So I have ordered 5 kg of sugar. After receiving the product I used it to make some of the products like Tea, Sevaiyaa kheer, etc. Must say, this is a much better option then the loose sugar which we get from outside. Madhur sugar comes with the packaging of 1Kg, 5kg, and 10kg. It is available to many of the superstore, E-commerce websites like Amazon, etc. Madhur Sugar which is manufactured by Shree Renuka Sugars is a really nice brand of sugar as compared to some of the others. Its because when you check out the sugar crystals, it's larger and more pure and white than some of the others. Due to the larger crystals, it has enhanced sweetness. More so, it undergoes a sulfur-free refining process which is health in its own sense. The use of sulfur in the refining process of sugar may cause allergies to some people who are allergic to sulfur. All in all Madhur Sugar is pure and hygienic. Definitely will recommend using this product.  

You can order their product or visit their website of Madhur Sugar for more information. 


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